President and CEO, Vanu, Inc.

Dr. Bose is CEO of Vanu, Inc., a provider of innovative wireless infrastructure solutions. Founded in 1998, Vanu, Inc. pioneered the commercialization of software-defined radio and was the first company to receive FCC certification of a software-defined radio in 2004. Vanu, Inc. has been the recipient of numerous awards including the Software-Defined Radio Forum Achievement Award, IEEE Spectrum Magazine’s Wireless Winner, and the GSM Association Technology Award for Most Innovative Infrastructure Product. Dr. Bose has been granted the personal distinctions of being named a World Economic Forum Technology Pioneer and a ComputerWorld Honors Program Laureate. He is currently serving as a member of the Army Science Board, a member of the Bernard M. Gordon-MIT Engineering Leadership Program Industry Advisory Board, and as a member of the MIT Corporation. He previously served as a Commissioner to the UN Broadband Commission for Digital Development from 2012-2015 and as a Member of the Board of Trustees for the Boston Museum of Science from 2007-2013. Dr. Bose was a technical expert for the President’s Council of Advisors (PCAST) report: “Realizing the full potential of government-held spectrum to spur economic growth”, and is the Founder and Chairman of the National Spectrum Consortium. In June of 2016, Dr. Bose was asked to serve on the m-Powering Development Advisory Board for the ITU. Dr. Bose received his B.S, M.S. and PhD degrees in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science from MIT.