Co-Founder, GrubHub

I’m Michael Evans, a science fiction author. I’m currently finishing my first novel, which will be out in late 2016, or early 2017. Sign up for updates and special features at eepurl.com/WiuYf.

I learned all about spaceships, aliens, and laser beams at MIT where I graduated with a pile of degrees and an equally impressive pile of debt. After that adventure, I co-founded GrubHub because I was frustrated with futilely searching for delivery restaurants and grumbling through inaccurate orders. I wrote version one of GrubHub.com in 2004 then armed with a “Sales for Dummies” book, I bootstrapped the business for two years. In 2006, GrubHub won the University of Chicago’s New Venture Challenge. The company’s subsequent rapid growth led to five rounds of investment funding, totaling $84 million. Between 2011 and 2014 I led the integration of the three largest online ordering companies: GrubHub, Campusfood, and Seamless into a single entity, and then saw the combined company through an IPO in Q2 2014. I’ve placed well over 1,000 orders on GrubHub.

With the IPO complete, I amicably left GrubHub. The following day, I dipped the wheel of my bicycle in the Atlantic Ocean and then proceed to ride it 4,150 miles across the United States to the Pacific, crossing the Continental divide nine times in the process.